“al-Iḥāṭa fī aḫbār Ġarnāṭa, une œuvre andalouse lue au Caire”

Publication : Motia Zouihal, “AI-iḥāṭa fī aḫbār Ġarnāṭa, une œuvre andalouse lue au Caire”, dans Christian Cannuyer et Marianne Michel (éd.), Archiver, conserver et collectionner en Orient, Alexandre Tourovets (1953-2019) in memoriam, Bruxelles, Société royale belge d’études orientales (Acta Orientalia Belgica 33), 2020, pp. 117-126.

Al-Maqqarī rapports in his Nafḥ al-ṭīb information on the copy of al-Iḥāṭa fī aḫbār Ġarnāṭa of which the author Ibn al-Ḫaṭīb had, during his lifetime, made a waqf for the benefit of the ḫānqāh of Saʿīd al-Suʿadā’ in Cairo. Al-Maqqarī consulted the copy but other well-known personalities had done the same before him. Some of these readers and the marks they left on the copy caught al-Maqqarī’s attention. This short article sheds some light on those readers contacts with the copy of al-Iḥāṭa based on the data in the Nafḥ al-ṭīb.